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After a rather long wait, Riot Games has finally done it! They have finally decided to let loose their new support-based champion onto the fields of justice and might I say, she is definitely something else. Lulu the Fae Sorceress makes her grand entrance in League of Legends, just in time for The Great Hunt, as one of the first support champions to be released in a long while.

Utilizing a rather awesome kit packed full of crowd-control effects and offensive support mechanics, Lulu is a game-changing character put on to the hands of an experienced player. Lulu is rather easy to use right out of the box but at the same time, has a high skill cap and requires good judgment of when to use certain abilities as well as who to use them on since a lot of her skills are single-target and have multiple effects depending on who they’re cast on.


What does she do?

Well, for starters, she’s a support. She has plenty of cc abilities that directly shut-down players as well as buffs that could make or break the team fights. She also does decent damage but not anything near a real AP Carry would do, even though she scales really well with ability power items. She’s better played as a pure support and in-lane has plenty of harass and cc to break up damage exchanges in favor of your ad carry. So if you’re looking for a support that plays a little bit more aggressively than the usual Soraka, Sona, or Janna, Lulu is definitely for you.

Cutesy Skills, now with 50% more glitter!

Pix, Faerie Companion (Passive/Offensive)- This is your passive ability. It utilizes the little Pixie fairy that flies around at your side the whole time. When you auto-attack, Pix will also fire bolts at that target (How cute!). The extra damage is rather minimal but in the early laning phase, it really packs a punch and drops opposing health pretty fast.


[Q] Glitterlance (Offensive/Utility)-  Your primary damage ability, most potent source of harassment, and your slow-inducing spell. With decent range as well as the ability to pierce through minion waves, this ability can be used at a safe distance. It also puts on an 80% slow so using it to save your partner or help ensure kills is worth your time. It is indeed a skill shot so it does require aiming and practice to get used to. The neat thing about this ability is the aiming cursor. The closer you move it to your self, the wider the V-shaped cursor will get to allow hitting targets at 2 different locations. The further out you move it, the straighter it gets.


[W] Whimsey (Utility)- My favorite ability of all time. It’s like an air freshener!

-If cast on your opponent, it transforms them into an adorable kitty(or cupcake if you choose to purchase one of her skins)! The ultimate fix to your eye-sore needs. The ability stuns them from using any of their abilities for up to 2.5 seconds as well as decreases their movement speed by 60% during the duration. This abiltity is best saved for their carry, or highest damaging champion because it makes them useless for 2 seconds, which is a long time.

-If cast on your ally, it grants them movement speed as well as up to 50 ability power. This can help them chase or get away depending on what you need. You as a player must decide whether to slow your opponent and stun them, or make your ally faster. The usage is completely situational.


[E] Help, Pix! – This ability sicks your vicious Pixie onto your opponents.

-If cast on an opponent, Pix will latch on to them, doing initial burst damage, and giving the team vision of them if they try to get away through bushes. It’s a good ability to use when the fight is brought to an area that has limited vision such as the jungle, or pre-tier 1 tower laning. With vision of your opponent, it allows you to cast whimsy on them while they try and escape through bushes.

-If cast on an ally, Pix will latch on to them, granting a damage shield as well as Pix shooting at whatever your ally hits, much like your passive. The shield is good for peeling damage away and should be used as often as possible to help with lane sustain since for a support, Lulu has no direct heals available. You also want to cast Pix onto an ally with a lot of attack speed because Pix will make a noticeable difference in DPS if your ally gets of a good amount of hits on an enemy.

[R] Wild Growth (Ultimate/Offensive/Utility) - This adds 1 green mana to your pool each time a target land is tapped for mana. Ok, not really, but props if you know where that’s from.

This spell is just awesome; it has one direct use but plenty of situational applications. What this ability does is enlarges yourself or one allied champion, granting them an aura that slows everything around and giving them bonus health. Upon use, this ability knocks all surrounding enemies up so it’s a very good initiate. Here are some scenarios to use this.

-You can flash in and cast on yourself to initiate a team fight with both slow aura, knock-up, and some sustain.

-You can have tank initiate and then carry jump in. Cast on carry to apply knock-up and make tankier.

-If teammate is about to die, use them as bait and then fast. The extra health will usually be enough to help them survive and win the fight in some situations.

That’s not all the uses obviously but those are some to think about.


Going against Lulu

You will likely find Lulu in the bottom lane with the ranged ad carry. For Lulu to be successful, she has to be aggressive and will most likely have the offensive bush and rivers warded for maximum security. The best way to counter her is to be counter-aggressive since she doesn’t have direct lane sustain aside from her shield. An early oracles elixir on your support is never a bad option to kill off her wards, which will make Lulu and her partner a little bit more reluctant to harass you. If you can do good damage to them, it will force them to turret hug, which sets their ranged ad carry back a good amount of farm. Be weary of pushing up on them for jungle ganks.

If Lulu is beating you in-lane with her aggression, you’re going to want them to push up on you, which will most likely be the only option anyways. What you’re going to want to do is do your best to kill off their wards or figure out when they expire and have your jungler gank bottom lane often just to apply lane pressure. This requires team coordination since mid or top lane might have to change strategy to increase lane sustain since jungler might have to baby-sit bottom. But if you were being smart about your counter aggression, this shouldn’t happen.

During the team fights, you’re going to want to draw her whimsy away from the carry, as that could be the end of your team. Her whimsy has minimal range and you’ll physically see her run to the action to try and cast it. Do your best to punish her for being up close. Also note her ulti is an aoe knock-up so don’t bunch up. It’s very similar to Alistar’s pulverize so keep that in mind.


Lulu is an interesting character and I’d definitely say Riot Games did a good job with designing this support champion. She’s a fun little wizard to use and is purely amusing. She has a very low skill cap for immediate usage as well as a high skill cap in-terms of when to use skills. So I’d say if you’re on the market for a support, Lulu isn’t a bad option at all.



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