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Have you ever stepped into a place that felt as if it were stuck between two worlds, and you weren't sure how to get out except to go forward?  While you might very well be dreaming, that experience also describes the feel of playing LIMBO, a small little platformer with big ambiance from Playdead Studios.  

Today the developers proudly announced that they are making a hardcover special edition of the game for PC and Mac.  This new-fangled hardcopy version will include:

- Special edition box
- Disc with DRM free PC and Mac versions
- Standalone soundtrack by Martin Stig Andersen
- Includes seven original art cards, a boy sticker, and 3D glasses
- Free Steam gift key

Now I'm not exactly sure why this edition of the game comes with 3D glasses -- perhaps so the creepy spiders can jump out at you from the art cards.  What I am sure of is that this is a steal at $24.99, since not only do you get a DRM-free copy of the game, but you also get a second copy for a friend, and some yummy goodies.  You can pickup your copy of the LIMBO Special Edition at Amazon.  If you haven't had a chance to play this gem of a game, now is your time, and if you loved it before, now is your time to support the developers with your pocketbook.

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