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GameGeex - Pre-Alpha Preview: Incoming Astral Terra Livestream Never has fantasy flown so free as in Astral Terra, a voxel-based RPG where imagination knows no bounds. Join Maevrim this Friday as she explores a world never before seen--and that will never exist in the same way again.

Astral Terra aims to bring vitality to your gaming in a dynamic world built uniquely at load, where every new playthrough places your first steps in unfamiliar territory. The fantasy survival RPG boasts an endless sandboxed world generated on-the-fly and completely customizable, destructible, and explorable. The fantastic creators at Tethys Interactive, an independent game studio based in Indianapolis, have loaned us a preview version of Astral Terra and I’ll be sharing it via this Friday November 22 at 8:30 PM Eastern. Come chat and explore with me as I dive into Astral Terra for the first time, but remember the game is still pre-alpha testing and this preview is limited.

Check after the jump for the official trailer and feature details.

Astral Terra KickStarter Launch - Indie DB


Astral Terra is a Smooth Voxel Survival RPG set among the planes! Travel to the Fey Wild, Shadow Vale, the Abyss and others in this Minecraft/D&D/Day-Z Hybrid!

Astral Terra features beautiful smooth voxel worlds that are generated on the fly and are completely editable. Pick out a piece of land and build your home… then get ready to defend it because the planes of Astral Terra are inhabited by countless strange and wonderful creatures. Some are friendly – most are not. Gather resources for crafting and building, journey the planes to find lost temples and libraries full of knowledge and power (scrolls and tomes) or just explore for the sake of discovery. From character progression with abilities and powers, to the terrains and the environments, everything is procedural and editable! Shape your world and your character the way YOU want them to be! Feel free to invite friends to help, Astral Terra allows the player to host their game online as well!


  • Dynamically Generated Worlds – With a robust modern smooth voxel system, our 7 worlds are generated on the fly every time a player starts a new game (or load up your saved world that you already worked on). Worlds include unique and different biomes (ie: haunted forest, mountains, plains, lush tropical areas, etc) as well as a full underground cave system, interactive water & a fully destructible, editable, and infinite environment.
  • Play Your Way! Shape Your World! No starting Archetypes – your character grows the way you play them based on your actions and discoveries. Unlock wizard spells by finding hidden libraries full of tomes. Discover your faith and unlock priestly divine powers by finding lost temples. Become a powerful warrior by honing your skills in melee combat and smithing your own weapons and armor OR just skip all the other options to just build, mine & craft. Pick from 3 starting races: The Fey, Dark Elf & Human. Future potential races TBD & will be included in stretch goals posted during our campaign.
  • Discovery & Adventure – Unlock the mysteries of the world through exploration and discovery. Travel to other planes to find rare resources needed to craft the most epic gear and strongholds. Explore underground caves & find dynamic dungeons.
  • Mining & Crafting – Gather ingredients & resources from combat drops OR from mining your land to build new items, prefabs and recipes. Upcoming wiki for more details on all available combos.
  • Building & Sculpting – Create or carve any shape you like with our flexible smooth voxel system – clay like blobs, cubes, spheres, octagons, diamonds and every other shape imaginable. You can also use one of the pre-made prefabs for quick building. No restrictions, endless replay potential. We also want to integrate Steam Workshop for player created content that players can use in game or share with others.
  • Combat & Looting – Dynamic MOB system that gives players the option to both fight and befriend monsters. Fighting monsters will allow you to pick up their drops to later use for crafting materials, pre-fabs, spells, and other recipes. Befriending monsters will help protect your land from other invaders.
  • Skills & XP – Gain XP through combat & exploration. Choose skills based on the type of player you want to be. Wiki coming soon for more detailed spell listings.
  • Solo & Coop – Play alone or Invite friends to join your world or travel to other players worlds with the in-game server browser. Sign in, make a character, host your game. Your friends will see your game and can join you – all done seamlessly without third party software.

Join me (Maevrim) for a livestream preview of Astral Terra gameplay!

When? November 22 @ 8:30 PM Eastern 


What if I'm too excited to wait till Friday? Show your support at either of these sites (and show up Friday anyways):

Astral Terra on Steam Greenlight

Vote for Astral Terra on Steam Greenlight.

Support Astral Terra on Kickstarter.

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Cool, can't wait to check it out! Looks pretty similar to Everquest Next's build feature.

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