Hi everyone, here's a new little series for all you! Who wants to hear me ramble on about a game? YEAA!!! No? Awww... Oh well, it's already been done. Let's Talk! is a daily mini series where I will talk about whatever game is on topic in one take. Said game can be anything from AAA to indie and i'll try my best to provide as much honest insight as I possibly can. Hopefully, my knowledge will be enough to help you make the right decisions on your future game purchases.

This first episode of Let's Talk! feature's a game called Ryse: Son of Rome which is being developed by Crytek and headed its way to be one of Xbox One's first exclusives. I'm sure you've heard of it, I mean it's like one of the x amount of games, where x= not very many, next-gen launch titles coming out! If you want to know more about this game perhaps because you're unsure if this is the next-gen game for you or not, definitely listen in to what I have to say. Hopefully, it'll be of some use to you now and even after the game has already launched. Also, any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Click the jump below for the audio feed as well as any relevent refrences:


Let's Talk! Episode 1: Ryse: Son of Rome

Some interesting references:

Ryse - 'Story' Trailer

Ryse - 'The Making Of' trailer

If you're interested in the graphic novel, go here.


This guy kept me going in my time of need....

Ryse: Son of Rome launches on November 22, 2013 as an Xbox One exclusive.


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Dude, your diction suuuckkkksssss.... or your mic.. But my bet is on diction >:E

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For sparta...oh wait.

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