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GameGeex - Kinect 2 to be included with the next-gen Xbox? Sources say that the Kinect 2 could be included with the purchase of the next-gen Xbox. Read to find out more!

There are a bunch of rumors floating around, particularly from Eurogamer, that the next generation of the Kinect will be included with the next generation of the Xbox console.

The “Kinect 2” is said to improve on what it already has, offering enhanced motion sensing and voice recognition. It’s also rumored to have the ability to detect emotion by analyzing vocal tones and facial characteristics, which could add a whole new depth to applications such as Avatar Talk. Perhaps I’ll eventually be able to watch full-featured virtual plays with actual actors on Xbox.

I’m not a huge computer junkie, but the limits of the current Kinect device is all caused by the limitations of USB, along with the Xbox 360’s ability to read multiple USB devices, which causes the system to limit the full potential of each individual device. From what I understand, the Kinect 2 will use a faster connection, which will allow for faster rates of transfer, and of course, a more powerful system. What the connection will be is still a mystery, but I’m sure it’ll come down to whatever is the best kind by launch.

At this point, everything is speculation. With the way things are headed, it’s no doubt the Kinect 2 is in development and if I can get it with my new console in one complete package, I’m all for it. I’m still not totally on-board the motion-capture gaming, but with the enhanced features they plan to put out, it could add a whole new level of depth to some of the future games we all aim to play.


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