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I know what you're thinking:  You really want to see some racy pictures of a console retail box right about now.  Your Monday just won't be complete unless you get the chance to see the packaging that will wrap around your next-gen console of Xboxness.  It's like your world is suddenly painted in grey instead of colors.

Luckily for you I have the cure for your boxless Monday blues:  Microsoft has revealed the retail box for their upcoming console, and we are going to share the strangely boring image after the break.  But first, I'll give you something cute to look at so you're not completely bored to tears by the actual pic.





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We can use GIFs !?!?!?!?! :O!!!! I mean ummm, to elaborate on such a --- I can't do it... That's a boring box lol. I think the original 360 did better, with the nice, grey, spirally box. made you feel like you bought something nice and expensive ^^;

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So. Much. Cute.

Oh and boxes... um yippee? :)

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