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So there’s been quite a few rumors going around that the new Xbox console is scheduled to release holiday of 2012, you know, to compete with the Wii U and all. So now, let’s debunk these rumors shall we?

First of all, let’s start with the lead architect for the Xbox Team, Don Coyner being replaced by Emma Williams. This in a sense, kind of slowed down the Xbox 720s development, because the Don, the wiz behind the Xbox’s consistency, isn’t leading the charge anymore. Sources from inside the Xbox team also say that the roadmap for the “720” leads on to 2013. So now, we have factual evidence and a cause for the delay. But maybe that’s not enough, because Xbox fans are eager, as am I.

Sources from Microsoft’s France director of marketing makes it clear that we won’t be seeing the next Xbox in 2012.

"We're not here to counter Nintendo and they're not here to fight the other manufacturers. Nintendo has put itself in a different cycle, they're advancing at their own pace." He told, a French-based news outlet.

A lot of speculation leads on to the fact that Microsoft wants to compete with Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Wii U. We know they want to, but not right now. I guess this time, Microsoft wants to take the slow and steady route. Now, we have solid proof straight from Microsoft’s mouth. We won’t see the new Xbox this year.

I was kind of hoping for the 720 to come out late 2012 because I wanted something new, but I think the delay is for the best. Who knows, with E3 being “premature”, they might still make the formal announcement of the console’s existence there.

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