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We all know there are a ton of rumors floating around regarding the release of the next Microsoft console. The Xbox 360 has been a part of some of our lives for six years, but most of us eagerly await its successor, hoping for an announcement within the next two years. However, the Xbox 720, codenamed “The Loop” might be a reality sooner than you think.

After watching The Windows Weekly, Paul Thurrott claims that Microsoft wants to try and push a Holiday 2012 release. That’s right, Holiday 2012. Typically, gaming companies try to save their big announcements for E3, but with a release date that’s coming in fast, especially for a console, that announcement might have to be made at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held at Las Vegas, NV every January. I don’t doubt the business plan because Microsoft likes to be ahead of the game. I can’t say it went too well with the launch of the Xbox 360 though.

I’m very excited for the release of the next Xbox console and might have to break into my rainy day funds to get it, but with a release date that’s sort of pushing the limit, here’s to hoping it won’t be a rush job. But it’s OK right? They’ll just release the “better” slim version some time later.

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