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Today I fully intended to share with you a little gem of a game developed by the Joe Danger folks over at Hello Games and announced last month at VGX.  Their upcoming title No Man's Sky is an exploration game featuring procedurally generated planets, and it looks amazing, as you'll see in the video below. I had been waiting to hear back from them about assets, but it turns out I am going to have to wait much longer than I expected.

In researching the game today I found out that the Hello Games studio was the subject of some major flooding over the holiday break, and that trumped my "oh hey check this game out" post big time.  It turns out that on Christmas Eve a river flooded its bank and ruined the Hello Games office.  Even worse, they were evidently in a high risk flood area (turns out the risk was 100%, sad to say) so their insurance didn't cover the damage.

As of January 2nd they were dealing with a second round of flooding:

Damn this second flooding. The Ark still isn't ready, and we only have two of artists and coders... Still need pairs of producers/designers

So even though everything is floating away, it hasn't dampened their spirits (see what I did there?).  Hopefully they won't have too much in the way of setbacks, because No Man's Sky looks stunning.




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Perhaps they should invest in an office boat.

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