MMO Champion has found dance files in the latest World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta.  We finally get to see what groove the pandaren will rock to.  The male Pandaren dance is based on LFMAO's Party Rock Anthem, while the female Pandaren dance is based off of Caramell's Caramelldansen.  I can't pretend to know the Swedish Caramell dance, but after seeing it on the music video (shown below because I love to share) I can see that the female Pandaren version is actually pretty faithful.

Hit the jump to make the Pandarens dance for you.  I suggest starting up the appropriate music video before starting up the Pandaren dances.  They make much more sense in context.


Male Pandaren Dance



Female Pandaren Dance





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   Everyday I'm shufflin'

[Sir Loin of Beef] @ 12:52:53 PM May 9, 2012
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Just..... goddamnit.....

[Mandifesto] @ 10:52:53 PM May 8, 2012
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Almost enough to make you play WoW again...isn't it Mr. Beef?  :P

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