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Sega and Platinum Games released the launch trailer for Anarchy Reigns in Japan. The trailer reveals the single player, various game modes for the multiplayer, and available characters in game such as Jack from Mad World. The Game reminds me of an old beloved Dreamcast game called Powerstone.

 This joyful game contains mindless violence, a whopping sixteen player multiplayer, and  interesting characters to choose from.  Anarchy Reigns is totally awesome. I had my chance to play it at last year's E3 and it's one giant roller coaster ride. It is the only game of its kind right now, which makes it very unique. It takes the elements of a single player action adventure game like Bayonetta and turns it into a multiplayer deathmatch.

 This is one game to keep an eye on if you love fast paced games and button mashing. Anarchy Reigns is out in Japan and is releasing in the United States early 2013 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Now watch the trailer and adore its glory.


Trailer via IGNentertainment

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 This game seems kinda like it was influenced by powerstone 2: large levels with tons of multiplayer craziness and large bosses. Really looking forward to it.

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This actually reminds me a bit of an old Playstation fighting game called Ehrgeiz that featured Cloud Strife and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 as playable characters.

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 I remember Ehrgeiz, me and my brother used to rent that alot.

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