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Irrational Games love their cosplayers enough to actually hire one. And this one is not a surprise at all since Anna Moleva, the cosplayer commonly known as "Ormeli", has a striking resemblance to Bioshock Infinite's main character, Elizabeth. And when I say striking, I mean STRIKING. I swear, it's almost like Elizabeth was modeled after Anna and not the other way around.

I personally enjoy cosplaying, but don't do it myself simply because i'm not entirely sure who to actually dress as. As for Anna, she made the right move since most people I come across at conventions don't really resemble the character they're portraying. Either way, the happiness and enjoyment she personally gains from cosplaying in her own time has paid off since she is now "officially the face of Elizabeth" and I completely agree on Irrational's decision to make it so.

So now, Anna will be seen at various special promotional events. Bioshock Infinite is scheduled to launch on February 26th, 2013 and I can't wait! Also, don't forget to check out Ormeli's story and interview with Irrational here.


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