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Rockstar Games released their launch trailer for Grand Theft Auto Vice City tenth anniversary. This trailer feels retro yet for some reason I want to buy the game again even though I already own it for the Playstation 2. Vice City is mine and to most of the community's favorite Grand Theft Auto game. Watching this extravaganza of a trailer makes me excited, it still feels like a fresh game.

I grew up with Vice City and I cannot believe it's been ten years since the release. I remember when my father bought me a copy for my eleventh birthday and I was thrilled to steal cars and run over people. Grand Theft Auto Vice City deserves more than just a release on mobile devices. I believe Rockstar Games should do what 343 Industries did with Halo Combat Evolved. Which is to make a console version with a new graphic layer and in high definition. I absolutely love this game from it' 80s-based story down to the cocaine sniffing drug dealers that make this game humorous, entertaining, and compelling.

Thank you Rockstar for making my childhood exciting with this game. The lawyers and congressmen were wrong, I didn't grow up being a raging car thief thinking violence is okay. Grand Theft Auto Vice City 10th Anniversary will be releasing Thursday November 6th.  Happy Anniversary!


Trailer via machinima

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