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In my most wildest dreams, I would be in possession of all my favorite items I cherish most dearly inside video games; from the equipment I use, to weapons, heck, i'd even want a full fridge full of mana potions. But when you're a master artist, much like Brazilian wood master Paulo Vinicius D. Horstma, you'd be able to craft your own stuff with absolute precision and complete perfection. His latest piece of art spawns from the ever-so-popular Legend of Zelda series and instead of going for the Triforce like everyone and their mother does, he forged an exact replica of the Hylian Shield entirely out of wood.

The shield is pretty much an exact replica and no, the markings aren't made out of paint. They're perfectly-ingrained pieces of wood. Now that's craftsmanship!

Paulo has made a bunch of pieces of art, but this time around, his work on the Hylian Shield nets him a feature on our page.

hylian_shield.jpg (640w x 360h)
hylian2.jpg (640w x 360h)
hylian1.jpg (640w x 360h)
hylian4.jpg (569w x 323h)
hylian3.jpg (640w x 360h)
hylian5.jpg (607w x 720h)
hylian6.jpg (640w x 360h)

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This is completely awesome... just keep it away from fire and Like Likes.

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Amazing! I was going to say it's useless against Gleeok but then I recall him shooting blue energy balls.

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