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The last time I tried to crochet I was told by my instructor to "give up."  Granted I didn't have a project that really inspired me.  Take this Legend of Zelda triforce pillow for instance:  For such a clever little design I might brave the hook and yarn one more time.  

If you're interested on making your very own pillow, head on over to Instructibles for the rundown.  From what I can tell this isn't a beginner's project, but if you're a quick learner you should be fine.  Just don't ask me for help.

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It looks comfy and legendary at the same time. I want one. ^_^ But I don't want to learn how to crochet.

[Mandifesto] @ 3:37:28 PM Nov 13, 2012
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Sorry, not only am I inexperienced at crocheting, I am also left-handed.  You'd be more likely to get one off of Etsy than from your wife.

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OH BOY! Alyssa knows how to and Teagan is learning. Muwhahahahha

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