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Famous for their creation of Maple Story, Nexon has decided to partner with Robotoki on their development of their upcoming cross-platform zombie survival, Human Element. Robotoki was founded by former Infinity Ward creative director, Robert Bowling, after leaving his position on March of 2012. The full details behind the partnership are still a blur but Nexon's strategic investment still sits on the strong interest in cross-platform as well as multi-screen gameplay.

My theory behind this is Nexon wants to dip their feet in not just releasing games on different platforms, but somehow linking them together. This would definitely be their chance since if everything goes wrong, it won't entirely be their fault. At the very least, I know Nexon is aware of their fans wanting a Maple Story or even a Vindictus release on consoles and i'm sure they show a strong desire to expand their target audience. I definitely do have a feeling this is one of the reasons why Bowling left Infinity Ward in the first place since Call of Duty's multiplayer is separated by the different consoles, when realistically, they could be linked together with no detrimental effect. As for now, i'm definitely interested in seeing what Human Element does with their vision of everyone being able to play with each other from anywhere and anything.

Human Element is set for a Q1 2015 release. That's quite a ways from now but when your target release is consoles, PC, Android, and iOS, I think they need it.

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