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I don't know about ya'll, but Dead Island has been on my OMG-LET-ME-PLAY-LET-ME-PLAY list ever since that award-winning trailer debuted. Now Steam has rolled out an enticing offer if you head over and pre-purchase the game for PC. Feast your blood-starved eyes on this:

That's a baseball bat with an attached buzz saw. They've named it The Ripper. Do you dream of jamming this into a zombie's neck? Do you see the saw rotating and the bloody bits flying? The zombie's head slowly sailing through the air? Good god man, you need help. And you need to head over to Steam with $50 bucks. (Or $150 if you've got three interested friends and want to save a little dough.)

But the mass-murdering fun doesn't stop there. Pre-purchase also nets you the Bloodbath Arena DLC, available one month after the game's release. It contains four new areas to play single-player or co-op, and gives you another weapon, the sonic pulse grenade. I'm not sure what it does, but it sounds very sonic-y and pulse-like. And I'm willing to bet zombies won't like it. Not one bit.

Dead Island is coming out for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Release is set for September 6th in North America and the 9th everywhere else, though Steam is boasting a September 5th availability. Gamestop offers the same package for pre-order if you're not the digital-copy-owning type. Can we all agree to skip August? Sweet.

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