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Many years ago I got the chance to pick a small import title out of a bargain bin at Gamestop.  That quiet little masterpiece was Ico, and to this day I still count it among my favorite games.  A while back Sony announced they were bringing Ico to life for a new generation, the generation with 1080p televisions and twitchy reflexes, bundled with its sequel, Shadow of the Colossus.  Today the PlayStation Blog announced that this new HD game duo will also include some extra nuggets of fun for fans of both games.  In addition to remastered editions of both titles, the disc will include XMB themes and videos from all three titles in the series -- Trico, the Man-Eating Eagle included.  

This is a brilliant move on Sony's part.  Not only are they getting two great games into the hands of a new generation of players, they are building hype for the third title.  Me?  I think I will hold off on buying this edition since I already own the PS2 versions of the games, and nab a trilogy set when The Last Guardian comes out.  Unless this edition will finally tell me what the girl says at the end of Ico.  I never did find out since my version was in Japanese.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD edition will be available on PS3 September 27th.

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