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What started off as a simple order and request from Curse Gaming turned into something quite appreciative. I placed an order for a Voyboy shirt for my friend's Birthday. It took almost five days to leave its original home where ever that may have been. For a few days now, I kept wondering why it took awhile to ship such a simple item on top of the week extra to make it to Canada where my buddy resides.

Soon enough, Tommy, who is also a fellow Rogue Knight, got his package and got more than just a shirt and the request I made. He also got an autographed picture of their whole League of Legend's team. Whether or not that's something they always do, I still think that's incredibly nice of them, and of course, an added bonus they did not have to do. I need to remember to thank them the next time I see them during my gaming convention endeavors especially since the picture went to someone who would appreciate it more than the average gamer.

I felt this was worth a write-up. Curse is a big organization so something like this is quite surprising since I order so much off the internet and this doesn't happen. Thanks again, Curse!

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[Mandifesto] @ 2:39:33 AM Sep 9, 2013
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Okay, this is VERY slick.  It's not often that gaming organizations perform random acts of generosity.  Hugs Kudos to them.

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