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Turns out Ubisoft is looking to publish a "next-gen" Tetris game. All I have to say is "h'what?"

But seriously, the game is looking at an Xbox One and Playstation 4 launch and the press release really does emphasize "Next-Gen." I guess they are going to push 3D graphics and create standard multiplayer modes which if you've played Tetris Arena, you'll understand how fun the puzzler can get with a bunch of other people. Though, I hope this is some sort of sequel to the N64's Tetrisphere (Yes, it's a guilty pleasure! Get over it...). Now if it were truly up to me, I'd be looking into Assassin's Tetris and Raytris Man with emeregent storytelling and action-combat but you know, I live in a crazy fantasy world full of -- erm, never mind.

Right now, there are no solid details on Tetris: Next-Gen Supreme Puzzler Game [name pending] but when it does appear on Xbox Live's or PSN's featured games page, you know a ton of people are gonna download that sucker. That or only me... Who knows?

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I'm on to get Tetris Fever... IN CRAZY AWESOME GRAPHICS!!!

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Thanks...NOW I have the music in my head!  I'm totally calling you in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.

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That'd be a monstrous thing to do.

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