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The NDP Group revealed the anual video game sales report and released information regarding the health of the gaming industry for the year 2013. Turns out the video game market is up a sub-2% from 2012's consumer report and US consumers have recorded $15.39 billion in total sales in the video game department. This includes video games sold; both physical, digital, and rentals as well as any associated hardware like consoles and GPUs.

While it's great news to see our industry still going strong in the upward direction, the most interesting news come from the sales breakdown. Turns out the physical sales of games were down 11% this year from the last. What offset the difference was the increased amount of hardware sold but most importantly, the 5% increase in digital sales from the 13 years-old and up demographic. The offset was enough to push the industry to a sub-2% increase in net worth, which has happened year-by-year for quite some time now anyways, at least in The United States.

Guess the consumer report sort of shows a push in the digital direction. I suppose that's why Microsoft wants to remove the disc drive from the Xbox One, heh. Still, while we're here, why don't you comment on how much you spent on video games! Ok... too personal. How about your biggest gaming purchase? Yehhh. That will do.

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I did in fact contribute to the rise of digital sales (and various demons but don't tell anyone that part.) through steam purchases. My steam collection rivals anyone I know. Sure that's awesome but it's sad as well. Awesome because I have more games than I could store without looking like a hoarder at my finger tips. Sad because it's impulse buys and sale purchases, that coupled with the idea that it'd be impossible for me to beat everyone. Hell there are a large number I never even installed yet.


Excuse me while I go cry in the corner now. Where is that STEAM ANONYMOUS meeting this week?

[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 5:56:38 AM Feb 12, 2014
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Yeah when the holiday sales come around, my wallet takes a beating.  Cough... Steam... Cough Cough....

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I don't really take advantage of any steam sales like I should. Most, if not all my game purchases are physical simply because I don't buy very many games (relatively speaking :P) in a year but when I do, they're typically collector's edition >.> yea, i'm THAT guy....

Though, I probably should go around buying on-sale steam games and streaming/video-ing (h'wat?) them.

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I seem to spend quite a bit on games during the holidays. Them deals. All the more reason to get into the video game industry

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