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To think it's about to be 10 whole years since World of Warcraft has launched. Since then, a lot has changed in Azeroth; there are new races and classes, the talent system is simpler, and the world was destroyed and rebuilt. Somewhere in between are events a lot of you have experienced, but players like me have not like 40-man raids and what not. But it looks like we'll be given a chance to do them for the first time (or again...) in Blizzard's upcoming 10-year anniversary event... Oh and you get a sweet Molten Corgi pet for simply participating in the event which is the whole incentive for writing this post.

Sometime in November, according to a post, players will be able to experience a 40-man raid finder version of Molten Core. While I don't know who this Ragnaros fellow is, a lot of my WoW-playing friends said he's a really fun, if not obnoxiously congested, fight. I take it 40-man is pretty intense... in a colorful way. Those who complete Molten Core will recieve an achievement and a special Core Hound mount reward. Ah, I can already see the completionists renewing their WoW-subscriptions now.

The event has no exact launch and this is all just a sneak peak of what's to come. Stay tuned for more updates as Blizzard announces more of what's in store. I'm a sucker for this nostalgia stuff since these are things people talk about when the conversation topic is "things you should experience."




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[Mandifesto] @ 5:24:34 PM Aug 6, 2014
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Yay for a 40-man MC.  If you don't know Ragnaros, it means you're not playing Hearthstone and you need to rectify that IMMEDIATELY.

[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 3:24:34 AM Aug 6, 2014
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I look forward to this raid. To bad its part of raid finder. Every raid finder is nerfed so hard that the fights become boring =/   But I know for a fact I will be taking part in this amazing wow event.

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