Excellent hand-eye coordination, fast click speed, and high actions per minute are the typical traits of a pro gamer. It's common knowledge that top level competitive gamers have fast target acquisition and incredible game skill, but in the long run, what exactly separates the good players from the great ones? Team Curse, in conjunction will Alienware, have done a study to find that answer.

In the latest episode of Lessons with Saint, Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco joins Dr.Amine Issa of the Mayo Clinic to provide gamers with data that prove mechanics, while helpful, aren't quite as important as game knowledge or realtime decision making.

Through a heart rate monitor and eye tracker, we can see what pro gamers choose to analyze while playing their games vs what an Average Joe would do in similar situations. Just the sheer amount of game knowledge a pro like Joedat "Voyboy" Estafani can absorb is rather amazing.

I'd advise everyone to watch the video below, it's an interesting study:

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