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For a long while I've been logging into GameGeex, realizing there isn't much to say and logging out again.  I'm not sure if this is a current measure of anything more than my own changing inner monolog, but I realize that this is my blog, and if I'm not blogging, then there's no blog. As a very eloquent woman quoted recently, "If not me, who, if not now, when."

So I thought I would restart by sharing some of the things that I've been consuming on social media today.  Not all of these are game related, but all of them are geek related, in that I am interested in them and I am a geek.  This is my halting way of getting back on the horse, jumping into the pool, and whatever other cliched metaphor you consider appropriate.  If you're interested in what I have to share, or even better, have something to share of your own, leave a comment below.


Hatsune Miku hit Letterman last night.  

If you aren't up on your digital pop stars from Japan, this little blue pixie is a computer generated rock star who has millions of fans across the globe.  It appears that David Lettermen might also be one.  It's too soon to tell by his reaction.


BlizzCon 2014 Posted their Schedule and Floor Map.

The convention celebrating all things Blizzard just got real.  We may not have Titan to look forward to, but the schedule still looks like it will be filled with excellent panels.  This will be the first BlizzCon I will have to attend virtually, and I'm pretty sad about it.  At least there's the virtual ticket.  


New York Comic Con Begins Today.

This is the weekend that the East Coast bands together to celebrate their geekiness.  With all that's stressing people out in the world, it's high time to kick up your patton leather heels, pull on your cape, and purchase all the geeky things.


Dragon Age Origins is Free on Origin.

One of my favorite games of all time is now a free game on Origin.  If you are politically opposed to EA games, then I weep for you, since this is an amazing RPG.  This deal won't last long.  This is usually a monthly promotion. If you're still not convinced, they are also giving away Bejeweled 3.  Yeah, I know.

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