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It's rootbeer o'clock around here, but before I head off into the sunset, I wanted to share with you a snazzy new video Blizzard dropped today showing off Tracer's powerset in Heroes of the Storm.  I have been pretty excited for Tracer to be added to the game ever since they announced it during the last BlizzCon. I was worried that her powerset would be a weird addition. After all she's coming in from an Arena FPS title -- namely Overwatch. How would she blend in with the other heroes already on the roster? 

Well I can't say much for blend, but I can say her powerset in Heroes is very similar to how she plays in Overwatch. Her first ability is Blink, which enables her to teleport up to three times -- similar to how Li Ming does. Her D key ability is Reload, which works exactly how reloading works in FPS games. It lets her lock on enemies and shoot while moving. Her W ability is a melee punch, whichI guess is good for when you want to get a little bit more damage before you reload your weapon -- because yes, she has limited ammo.  Her E ability is Recall, which allows her to back up to a previous location. Negative status effects will also be removed when she bamfs back to where she used to be.

But here is where it gets weird. Tracer gets her ultimate a level 1. You heard me. She is the only hero that gets her ultimate ability right out of the gate and then upgrades and tailors it at level 10. Her ultimate is called Pulse Bomb, and is a big AOE that must be charged up before it can be used. This is pretty on point in comparison to how Tracer plays in Overwatch. You charge up your ultimate by dealing damage to your opponent, as well as landing melee attacks.  

Overall she sounds like a blast to play and an annoyance to play against. If you want to ensure that you get Tracer in Heroes ASAP, you should preorder Overwatch in the next month or so before it launches next month. My guess is that Tracer will be in Heroes of the Storm on Tuesday for those who have already preordered.

What do you think of Tracer in Heroes? Are you excited to play her? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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[fraggadier] @ 8:33:27 AM Apr 15, 2016
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And I thought Nova was a pain to deal with!

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