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When you spied the BlizzCon 2019 commemorative art they showed off this week, were you curious about a couple of the faces in the painting? I know I was. Turns out those mysterious fellows are actually well-known characters from franchises you know and love.

This handsome devil is Egon Stetmann, mad genius extraordinaire from StarCraft II. He’s grown a bit of facial hair since he was first introduced after Kerrigan’s rescue from Char, and was recently announced as a co-op commander. Highlighting a recent commander who is less iconic shows Blizzard is definitely upping the intrigue at this year’s BlizzCon.

The other face you might not recognize in the art piece was a teched up sword wielder. Turns out this is everyone’s favorite angel from Heroes of the Storm. Tyrael might be originally from the Diablo franchise, but it’s his Perfect mecha skin that’s featured in the painting, so here he’s repping the Nexus.



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