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You know you’ve made it big as a musical composer when you have an entire iPhone app made specifically to show off your escalades.

That’s exactly the case with legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu, the man known for his breathtaking Final Fantasy scores, as well as being the front man for his band, The Black Mages. Now, musical fans can have all of his works right on their iPhone or iPad. This announcement comes from Uematsu’s own record label, Dog Ear Records, and is available for download now, for free no less.

The Nobuo Uematsu App allows users to follow news and music release feeds, view his discography, direct links to his Twitter and Facebook pages, and more. It’s quite the handy little app for any fan of his works.

Of course, if you’re poor like myself and stuck behind the times without an iPhone, you’re sadly out of the loop. One of these days I’ll get caught up in all this fancy-shmancy phone business...

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