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Did you stand out in the cold this morning for the iPhone 5S?  Did you?  I bet you're pretty happy with your shiny new phone, and are probably looking for the perfect way to protect your investment.  Rocketcases has you covered, literally, with a new set of retro gaming inspired cases for the iPhone 5.  They come in two flavors:  D-pad controller or Gameboy G-boy (pictured below).  

I think I prefer the G-boy version myself, but I think they are missing a prime opportunity with these things.  With microchips and lcd technology they could easier transform the case into something that plays at least one retro title.  Imagine having Plants vs Zombies 2 playing on your iPhone 5, then flipping it over for a retro, 2-color version of Tetris.  Now THAT would be amazing. 

The gaming inspired Rocketcases retail for $19.95 but you can get them for $14.95 direct from Rocketcases if you act fast. 

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The raised buttons on the "g-boy" would freak me out a little and end up getting caught on my pocket I'm sure. It's still an over all cool design but I agree I think they missed an opportunity here for something more unique. 

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