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Figures that as soon as Capcom does something good, they turn right back to their old selves. This recent bit of news is regarding their first set of DLC for 3rd Strike: Online Edition, announced on their official website.

This first wave of DLC is coming in three forms: a Color Pack, a music pack, and a match pack. All of them will be coming out during the course of the next couple months or so.

Coming September 6th/7th (likely PSN and Xbox release dates, respectively) will be the first Colors Pack, which adds seven new color alts for each character, and will be available for $2.99. The catch? They only work offline. Well, they kind of work online, but the problem is that you can’t even see the colors on someone else’s character unless you have the pack as well, and they don’t even show up on replay recordings. Yeah, some pack, eh?

The music pack, meanwhile, will be coming with all the BGMs from the first SFIII iterations, New Generation and Second Impact. Which is all well and good, but considering the fact that the music in those games doesn’t even compare to the quality of the track listings of 3rd Strike in the first place, chances are you’re likely to listen to them once and them let them sit on the hard drive. This is something that could have easily been added in as unlockable content, similar to the other music tracks, not to be added on later as DLC for the sake of profit.

Lastly, we have the Match Pack. Capcom held a “semi-secret” tournament a bit earlier this year involving the world’s top 3rd Strike players, called Fight for the Future 2011. This will come in two forms: a pack detailing the top eight matches, and a Best Bouts pack, showcasing highlights from the tournament. Why they had to have it “secret” I have no bloody clue, but apparently it’s to charge people money just to watch the replays instead of just having a public tournament plus live stream of the event and putting the match videos up on youtube.

So, yeah, three DLC packs, three straight strikes (pun not intended) for Capcom. Honestly, I don't think they're never going to be able to get DLC right.

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