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From Software released a slew of new screenshots for their upcoming and highly anticipated title, Armored Core V.

These screenshots show us a view of the overhead-HUD that the designated commander will use to lead his units around in combat (which in multiplayer, are actual players). Pretty neat concept to have one person as the “Overlord” with all the battlefield intel which really puts a big burden on you for the success of your team. We also get to see what I assume is the “sniper cannon” in-action which means the devs are adding more diversity to the core combat customization of the game especially for multiplayer modes.

Though, the one thing that caught my eye are the screens with the big red mech boss-battle. But not so much the battle itself, but the fact that there is a second, and I think even a third armored core unit in the screenshot. Perhaps this implies campaign co-op or some sort of survival mode with other players? Well who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see! Click the jump to see all the screenshots.




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