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It seems Square Enix just can't man up when it comes to their mistakes with the Final Fantasy brand.  They really want everyone to know that FFXIV has seriously damaged the reputation of their beloved RPG franchise, perhaps permanently.  As if Spirits Within did so much to increase the public's respect for all things Final Fantasy.  Or FF X-2 for that matter.  

Oh no, it's the MMO's fault, they said at a Tokyo press conference today.  That's right, they are blaming one game for the damaged reputation of the franchise.  The trouble is, it appears that they haven't figured out what we all knew from the beginning:  Square Enix MADE THE GAME THEY ARE BLAMING.  It's not as if the MMO magically appeared on their desks, flitted in by the Boring MMO Fairy.  What did they expect when they ignored what all the testers said and pushed out a game that learned no lessons from neither its predecessor nor all other MMOs on the market?  

I can't stop shaking my head at this.  I understand it was a substandard product, but they also recently put out the great pile of mediocre that is FFXIII and immediately started planning a sequel.  It seems to me that the reputation of the Final Fantasy franchise hasn't been hurt by FFXIV, it's been confirmed.

[source Andriasang via Gamasutra]


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lol and for the record, FFXIV is defintely now superior to the flukes before it lol. It's even better than FFXI now. Of course, it did take them awhile to get there... and people sure love to follow the crowd and say games that they've never played are "garbage" :P.

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"Im sorry, Amanda. I know it must be very difficult for you to take the stand, but we will try to get through this with as minimal discomfort as possible. Please, show us on the doll where the bad game developer hurt you."

"Let the record show that Mrs. Orneck has pointed to the doll's heart."

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Also for the record, both Amanda and I did try to play FFXIV both during the final months of its original beta, through its extended beta, and a little after official launch. So this isnt just jumping on a bandwagon, we seriously *wanted* to like this game, but couldnt. I cant really speak to what state it is in now, but what we played could barely be called a game.

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Haha, Square, Square, Square...

The present FFXIV is actually playable now imo. They've basically scrapped their original purpose for the game (to be surrounded by the levequests), and made it a little more "MMO-y". But you can't blame people for the FFXIV hate. No matter how good it is now, it totally blew its debut.

Both games have damaged the FF reputation quite a bit, but Square'd rather just wallow on their faults. Just give us something good! FF isn't dead yet. The FFXIII-2 really looks like the game the original should have been, and the other titles in the Fabula Nova Crystallis look really nice.

Also, Yoshi-P all the freakin' way!!

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