Yes, yes, I know. These preview images from the recently released Diablo III: Book of Cain were made available to the Internet at large a few weeks ago. But I needed a good set of images in order to test out my new Image Gallery code, and what better set then the first 8 pages of the book that chronicles the war between heaven and hell? I cant think of any at the moment.

D3-BookOfCain-p00.jpg (414w x 540h)
D3-BookOfCain-p01.jpg (1550w x 1000h)
D3-BookOfCain-p02.jpg (1550w x 1000h)
D3-BookOfCain-p03.jpg (1550w x 1000h)
D3-BookOfCain-p04.jpg (1550w x 1000h)
D3-BookOfCain-p05.jpg (1550w x 1000h)
D3-BookOfCain-p06.jpg (1550w x 1000h)
D3-BookOfCain-p07.jpg (1550w x 1000h)
D3-BookOfCain-p08.jpg (1550w x 1000h)

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Aw, stale meat!

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