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Feel free to consider this envy for those people that can actually afford those fancy iPhones and iPads that are all the rage these days, but mobile gaming is something I tend rely on my DS and PSP for. Even I have to admit, however, that the mobile scene is gaining ground, with more developers jumping on the mobile hype train these days. This time, two award-winning developers, Audrey Leprince and Emeric Thoa, have announced the formation of their own studio, The Game Bakers.

Both of these developers are coming from Ubisoft, where they worked on several key titles. Thoa served as Ubisoft’s Worldwide Director of Conception for various titles, including Splinter Cell Double Agent and Rayman Raving Rabbids. Leprince, meanwhile, worked as a Producer for several games, and was a developer for six years in Ubisoft China. Despite the drastic change from a large development team to a smaller, independent group, the pair is confident that they can make magic on the mobile platform.

“A friend of ours said we want to be ‘Popcap meets Nintendo’.” Thoa said in a press release. “It made us laugh because we are big fans and we have a lot of admiration for those teams, and it became our dream goal!”

Their first project is a titled that is called SQUIDS. While they couldn’t mention anything specific, the game is about a team of, well, squid, that end up becoming guardians of the oceans. Their task is to combat against the coming threat of the Black Ooze. Outside of the very likely relationship to a particular environmental disaster that occurred just last year, the game is intended to have very cutesy characters, yet will also have an epic storyline that will grasp gamers of all ages. The title is planned to be released on iOS platforms, as well as PC and Mac.

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[Mandifesto] @ 12:57:39 PM Jul 5, 2011
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Nom nom nom, yer games are delicious!

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...and now Im hungry again.

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