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Good morning Game Geex!  Today marks the beginning of that hallowed time of year, the E3 Expo.  While we prepare to cover all the press conferences that are happening today, we wanted to take some time to share with you what we are most this year.  

This year marks our second E3 Expo, and if you were here reading our coverage last year, you saw that we were hoping for information about everything from Darksiders to Mass Effect 3, and we were not disappointed.  This is a new year, though, and thoughts turn not only to the games we hope to see, but the consoles we hope to get a glimpse of.

What do you want to see most at this year's E3?  Let us know in the comments.


Arthur "Arturis" Orneck

Games that I am eager to see more of at E3:

Darksiders 2 - The first Darksiders was an enjoyable tribute of a game, pulling in game elements from so many different games into a tight, consistent package with a slick over-the-top graphical flourish. We know the story of War, now I am eager to follow the exploits of Death and the other horsemen.

Assassin's Creed 3 - Having finally backstabbed my way through Revelations, I am ready to spend some time in the deerskin shoes of Desmond's most recently revealed ancestor. I can already predict a few unnecessary de-synchronizations as I take out my aggressions on some of this country's founding fathers, because thats how I roll - I stab people in the past.
Wii U - After holding the new screen controller last year (for roughly 5 seconds) I am interested to see if any of the rumored changes to the design spec have come to pass. That, and I really hope they announce a new Zelda game for it.
The Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry reboots - As you can tell from the controversy surrounding each and every new trailer or screenshot, some people have already started passing judgement on them, but I honestly like what I've seen thus far and want to get some hands on time with both before I start judging their merits.
Neverwinter - There is a friggin Neverwinter MMO in the works and, thus far, we have gotten squat for information! I demand RPG justice! I have spent so many hours in the previous Neverwinter Nights games that I can declare dual citizenship.

Ken "Chaobo" Serra

MMmmm E3…. Delicious! But this year is going to be beyond tasty! One steaming plate of Black Ops 2 as well as a large Halo 4 for an appetizer?Halo plates don’t happen every year, you know. Though, I hope the head chefs for both these games sprinkle it with eSports approval, then there’s no way you can stop me from eating that meal! Though, I’m also hoping Rainbow 6: Patriots will be on the menu this year, it’s a very limited dish. Also, I’m hoping for some finger foods too. Pikmin 3 perhaps? Such delicious morsels! And can never forget dessert. I’m really looking into Star Wars 1313, because I hear it’s going to be sweet with the taste of bounty hunters and all. Sith and Jedi kind of got bland after awhile. Hmm, hopefully the bill won’t be too much but I can’t help myself!


Ohan "Fraggadier" Ghazarian

Aliens Colonial Marines is a sexy beast of awesomeness, because I heard that the xenomorph gameplay might be in third person.

Guardians of Middle Earth because a MOBA releasing on console will be a very, VERY interesting journey.

Metal Gear Solid Revengeance - There is nothing better than mindless cutting. Cut through bricks, people, and even... WATERMELONS

Primal Carnage - Playing the multiplayer will cause me to have so many Jurassic references. 

Star Wars 1313 - Boba Fett is the baddest mother in the entire galaxy. Getting to play as him is a privilege.

Amanda "Mandifesto" Orneck

I am very interested in the next gen consoles.  It's time to start getting some news about the Project Durango and Orbis -- Microsoft and Sony are lagging behind Nintendo in the next console race just like they were in the previous one.  I can't wait to get the chance to see DishonoredQuantum Conundrum, Pid, and Tomb Raider for myself.  I'm also hoping to stumble upon some new gems that will thrill and enchant me the way that several small games did last year.  Overall, I'm looking to be surprised by big new announcements, and revved up about the gaming year to come.


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I'm not entirely sure Rising will have us cutting through watermelons after what i've seen ! D: I also forgot about Quantum Conundrum... Mmmmm yummy.

[fraggadier] @ 11:16:53 PM Jun 3, 2012
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Saw the Crysis 3 trailer, and one of the quotes stated Crytek make every other first person shooter its bitch. - 360 UK

lol well, it definitely looks prettier than the others.

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