Ever logged into an MMO and said to yourself "Self, I would like this game if it were more punishing?"  Well SOE has got you covered.  They are reviving the Wizardry franchise, and bringing some of the more hardcore RPG gameplay elements into the Free-to-Play MMO genre with Wizardry Online.

In Wizardry Online, every time your character dies you have a chance to lose that character.  This hardcore permadeath element is really what sets this particular game apart.  Sure they have PvP, and some semblance of questing, but by and large it's the thrill of maybe losing the character you have spent hours upon hours on that really makes WO unique.

Granted, there are systems in the game that keep it from being a total death fest.  You can use your microtransaction currency to bribe the gods into keeping your character alive, for instance.  And even should you have the bad luck to lose your character entirely, the meta game is still going on.  Much like Summoners in League of Legends,  Wizardry Online lets you level up your Soul, which persists across characters and allows you to reroll with greater experience, stats, and item bonuses the next time around.

While this sort of painful gameplay isn't my bag, I can see how this would attract the Dark Souls crowd.  I even once had a roommate that played games only because they were hard.  This is definitely up his alley.  Check out some of the features of Wizardry Online and see if it's the sort of game you'd like to pound your face against:



  • Lost System: Permadeath is always a risk. Once dead, players attempt to revive by donating. A poor donation runs the risk of failure of revival.  Fail twice and your character will become “lost” and unplayable forever.
  • Massive Dungeons: Weeks of adventuring stand between you and completion of some of the massive dungeons in Wizardry Online. Beware as a variety of traps and powerful monsters wait those who dare invade their territory. 
  • Skill Customization: Customize your character using the skill heredity system by combining skills from your current class and any class you’ve played before.  You can create a fighter who can use heal, or a mage who can steal items from monsters. You can change your class an unlimited number of times, so practically any skill combination you can imagine, you can create!
  • Bounty Hunt System: Watch out for Criminals as they try to rob you of your precious treasures. Or go on the offensive and offer a gold bounty for the death of any criminal.  Other players will compete to bring that character down and receive the bounty
  • Familiar Races: Wizardry Online features legendary races from the history of Wizardry games including humans, elves, porkuls, gnomes, and dwarves. Each of these poses unique weapons and skill advantages over one another. Choose your favorite, choose wisely. 


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I can already tell this game is going to make me cry myself to sleep... like my Final Fantasy XI days...

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