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Alright, so I noticed this week has been explosive for the movie industry. No, I’m not talking about The Amazing Spiderman either. I’m talking about a whole bunch of video games heading to the big screen in the near future. I think it started with one game becoming a movie, and now, all the major movie studios are targeting the rights to some major gaming titles in order to compete. It only ever takes one…

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

CBS Films snagged the rights to this bad boy as soon as they could. And OH. MEH..GURD…. I’m so excited for this one. The movie adaptation will be based on Eidos’ Montréal’s latest release, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and will have Adam Jensen as the main character. All we know is Adam has a new cybernetic body ready for all sorts of augmented goodies, so the director will simply go off of that. Honestly, they can’t possibly screw this one up…

Need for Speed (2014)

Hmm Déjà vu’. But yes, incase you didn’t scroll down about an inch lower, you wouldn’t have known Disney and DreamWorks are said to be working on a movie adaptation of EA’s Need for Speed. The movie is set for a February 7th, 2014 release. No word on actors or plot or anything at this time.

God of War: Movie

Yea, I can sooo see this...

I guess Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan got tired of writing new Saw movies. They’re on like what? Number 15 now? So they took the next and pretty much closest thing to it, God of War. We all saw this movie coming and I can officially confirm it’ll be as brutal and gory as the game is. Just as long as some masked freak isn’t the villain, “I am the God of Saw!!” or something dumb, then I can’t wait! It’ll be interesting to see how this one is made into a movie. After all, God of War is an insane, on a literal level, game as-is. But if it were up to me, Morgan Freeman would have to play at least one God in this rendition.

Assassin’s Creed Movie

Yup, the one that started this game-to-movie boom. There will indeed be an Assassin’s Creed Movie. Surprising? Well, not really.

Magneto… I mean, Michael Fassbender, who also starred in Inglourious Basterds, will star in and co-produce in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed. “He was our first choice” says Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet.

Now this one should be epic. I can’t wait. But to keep you busy, there’s a Bollywood version of Assassin’s Creed, which isn’t as epic, but still interesting nonetheless.

Splinter Cell Movie

Ok, this one isn’t quite confirmed, but we all know it’s happening. Last month, there has been some “renewed” interest in Hollywood for picking up the title. I mean, Splinter Cell is pretty much Mission Impossible, but better. Who doesn’t want that?

It would seem Ubisoft is shopping around for Studios to head the project. Warner Bros. was first, but it seems the winner will be Paramount Pictures. No word has been said since then but I’m sure a deal has already been landed in secrecy and I’m sure we’ll hear the formal announcement soon.

So, any of these titles excite you? For me… all of them… Ok I lied. Need for Speed doesn’t quite excite me but I’ll still watch it. The only thing that saddens me is Halo isn’t on this list. Guess there’s still a chance I could head that project in the near future! Or at least play as teen Spartan #356. Wouldn’t mind that either…

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