One of the coolest games in the Final Fantasy franchise might have been cancelled, according to a report on Kotaku.  Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been in production for a long while, but it's been six years since Square Enix has said boo about it.  Now it seems that the release window for this project has expired and the developers will instead fold their work into the as yet unannounced Final Fantasy XV.  Let's hope that if the project isn't cancelled they at least rename it.

If you haven't heard about this game, you're not alone.  The gameplay trailer, although it looks like an amazing departure from the turn-based combat signature to the franchise, completely escaped my notice when it was released by in 2006.  I briefly recall hearing the name of the game whispered on the Internets, but since production has taken so long, it's time to wait until new hardware comes out so we can enjoy even prettier graphics.  Here's hoping we learn the story behind these enigmatic characters in FF XV.  Until then, I'll rewatch the trailer and make up the dialog for them, MST3K style.



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NOOOOoooooOoOOooooOoo!!!!!! I was looking forward to this game. It looks like Phantasy Star... but with actual story!

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I hate final Fantasy Because I can't stand turn based rpgs except pokemon. But a Final Fantasy action rpg game... want.

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