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Director of the popular Resident Evil movies, Paul W.S. Anderson, has just revealed to us, vaguely, that there is a Monster Hunter movie “currently in planning.” So tell me how one makes a movie out of a game with no real story?

In an interview with Cinema Today, Anderson was asked what other games he'd be interested in making into movies. "Recently, I've been loving Monster Hunter," he said,” A film conversion is currently in planning."

Really, that doesn’t tell us much. I’m not certain if he himself is planning the film or if Capcom is even directly involved or not. However, if this movie does happen, it does have some positives. For starters, the movie could be… good… I guess. Not entirely sure what they’ll do for a story and the track record for good game to movie adaptations is pretty bad, but we’ll see. The one that interests me the most is if the movie does happen, we should see more localization of the Monster Hunter video games that tend to elude the United States. I love the games, but only few actually leave Japan and learn English.

So yea… Monster Hunter movie. Cool, right? Not much information is available because it’s obviously still being planned, but should this happen, would you watch? I would, I generally have the need to watch all the game to movie adaptations… no matter how bad they are for my eyes.

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Well I can honestly say that I enjoy the Resident Evil movies, in a "shut your brain off and watch some action" sort of way. I'm assuming that the Monster Hunter movie will be similar.

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