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I know, I know -- we tallied up the game announcements from E3 2013 and told you that the Xbox One will have more exclusives than the PlayStation 4.  It sounded strange to me, knowing how strong Sony was during the current console generation, but I swallowed that gut feeling in the face of facts.

Turns out we didn't have all the facts.  Sony was, once again, holding out on us.  They spilled the beans to Gamereactor in a video interview during E3, letting them know that there will be 20 exclusives coming to the PS4, 12 of them launch titles.  This is in addition to another 10 games that will launch on the system, for a catalog of over 30 titles in the first year. 

“I’m sure you heard from [SCE Worldwide Studios boss] Shu [Yoshida] that he has—just his studios—he has 30 games in development,” he said. “Twenty of them are going to ship within the first year of the console’s life, and of those, 12 are new IP. So there’s a lot going on, it’s just that we need to keep stuff back. We’ve got Gamescom for us Europeans—we need to have something to show at Gamescom, don’t we?”

Contrast that with Microsoft's eight confirmed exclusives number, which still doesn't jive with what we saw at E3 now that I think on it.  Does this mean that Microsoft is also holding back more announcements for August? Once again this console war may very well come down to software versus community infrastructure.  In which case I will be buying single player titles for the PS4 and multiplayer titles for the XBO.  It's going to be one expensive Winter either way.

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Can't wait for August... Gamescom and FFXIV >:O!

Though, catalogue of 30 games.... There's already a ton of multi-platform ones XD As long as the exclusives are some good JRPG that normally wouldnt make it to the states than mmmmm yummy.

[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 11:15:00 PM Jun 26, 2013
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Very impressive, seems that Sony has found the means to avoid the trap of releasing a new console, but with nothing to play when sent into the wild. Very nice, very nice indeed. 

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