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Well well well, what have we got here? Seems Namco Bandai has put up a countdown clock on their website, which is set to finish up next week if my math is correct (on those rare times it is, at least).

What is the countdown for? Well, the guessing is always the fun part with these things. There aren’t too many hints to go off of, unfortunately. The only thing viewers are presented with looking at the site is an image of, what I would assume to be, one of Japan’s major cities at nighttime, with a sky that’s completely devoid of stars. Unless something pops up between now and when the clock runs down, that may very well be all we’re getting.

The last countdown stunt the company pulled resulted in the reveal of Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle, a Playstation 3 exclusive based off of the anime series that’s due out in 2012. If this is  another anime-to-video game adaptation, then I’m getting a bit of an Evangelion vibe from the image on the website. Don’t hold me to that, though.

Start speculating!

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Michael Revis from Game Geex told me that the reveal will be Evangelion. True story.  You heard it here first.

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I am 100% certain that the announcement will be GameGeex: The Video Game. I have premptively submitted the law suit claim.

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Hmmmmm, if I were to guess, maybe Digimon? Or on that note, Summer Wars (which is essentually the rmake of an old Digimon movie. LOL)

Bandai Namco make Digimon games, and the world of Digimon has a connection to this very Japanese city residential area, and the clock is all digital-like too... It's digital.

I know it's dark, but it looks very summery as well, and Eva is set in a perma-summer... And with the Eva movies still chugging along, why not a new Eva game?

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