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In what's possibly the biggest coincidence in all of Westeros and oh-my-gods seriously not a marketing ploy, the Q3 bound, PC-only game Game of Thrones – Genesis happened to give us some new screen grabs alongside the release of GRRM's fifth book, A Dance with Dragons. Taking place before the events of The Song of Ice and Fire series, Genesis treats us to a view of the city of Highgarden, the Night's Watch at Castle Black, a Targaryen army about to lay some smack down, and a king (Aegon the Conqueror?) sitting upon the Iron Throne.

I can't say I'm floored by the graphics of these or any of the other shots. But, being a strategy game based on Game of Thrones and overseen by the author George R.R. Martin himself, I'd play this thing if it were black and white with 8-bit graphics.

It is known.


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I know I would enjoy the game, particularly since it's dealing with the story prior to SoIaF.  Granted, I'm also the girl who signed up for HBO only to watch the show, so my perspective might be a little skewed.

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Hodor! Hodor hodor hodor! HODOR!

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Game that will mount the world!

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