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I'm sure a lot of gamers have this issue especially those with limited time. But the question I ask to those among you in the community is how many of you are overwhelmed by the amount of video games you are currently playing? I've been in the process of playing a multitude of different games, catch-up if you will, from classics like Bioshock, original Dead Space games, and even the campaign modes of both Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm and then some. That may not seem like a lot, and definitely not when compared to some other people's video game queue, but on top of dungeons/raiding in FFXIV and everday live, it's intense and I don't know how some of you do it!

I guess the mindset comes from my ability, and preference even, to beat the games in one play through, all in one sitting. That's been a habit of mine for the last few years, or moreover, since the start of my gaming life so juggling many different games and not beating them immediately is heartbreaking since I want... No, I NEED to know what happens next in these great stories of heroes. But that's just me.

So this one goes out to all of you: Have you ever, or do you ever, juggle many games at once? And of course, how do you handle it? Maybe it's something you don't mind doing but I on the other hand, must know the end of tales.

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Ah dude I know that feeling.  I've got more games than I could possibly play and I hate not finishing a game.  I tried playing games related to times of the year, like playing games such as Castlevania and Devil May Cry during Halloween. But it doesn't help much when you're too busy with other things to even play them.  Definitely problematic


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