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It happens every year, like clockwork. No, I'm not talking about tax season or Black Friday, I'm specifically referring to our official Game Geex End of the Year Awards! It is a place for our writers to note down the titles they really loved from the previous year, as well as point out a couple of games that fell a little short of "spectacular." Unlike many other gaming sites, we let each of our writers select any game they want for each category - it saves on hours of argueing over a single "Game of the Year" when each of us have such varied tastes.

So feel free to check out our 2013's EoY Award winners, and leave a comment below with your personal choices, as well as opinions on ours! We here at Game Geex are looking forward to more great gaming in 2014!

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[Andreas Victorsson] @ 10:41:37 PM Jan 1, 2014
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Yay! Congrats everyone :) Hoping to maybe guest blog in 2014!

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