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It's a bright Monday morning down here in SoCal at the moment so I figured why not start a game?

Game: Think about the last two games you have played and combine them together. Comment below the premise and synopsis of your new title. Genre is all up to you! You can be as creative and as humorous as you wish to be.

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League of Legends & Marvel vs Capcom 3

Genre: Fighting

You thought the world of Marvel was crazy after they threw Capcom into it? Wait till you see what the Fields of Justice add to the chaos. League of Legends joins the fray in this epic fighting-brawler. Choose between 151 of your favorite heroes and battle your friends in epic 5-team battles to the death. Now with simplified 4-button combos and auto-attacks, even new players and young siblings can join the action!

[Mandifesto] @ 4:04:35 PM Apr 14, 2014
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Hearthstone and Minecraft: Genre: CCG Simulation Imagine if you were given cards that translated to the building materials for creating a base. Then once your base was built, you defended it against other players and maybe NPC attackers via a card battle. Cards for building would come from the battles, or from crafting. I dunno, I would play it.

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Minecraft and TitanFall

Genre: Sandbox Action Parkour

You are a member of the newly orphaned IMC trying to survive in the outer territories after the militia disabled all long range jump capabilities. Left with only dead pilot gear and wrecked Titans you start building up defends, exploring for parts to rebuild a working titan or even a ship to get off world. It's a cruel world though and the dog whistles aren't working, large creatures are flooding the area over time. It's your choice, do you work towards enabling the dog whistles, do you build up your titan to fight them off, or work towards a way out of this fresh hell?

Oh and Mandie, hell yeah!  I have some notes on a card game like that and you just renewed my interest in it. But a video game would be FANTASTIC!  


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The World Ends With You and Mega Man & Bass(Rockman & Forte)

Genre: Action RPG (With Platforming elements)

Mega Man is on the clock and he must defeat Dr. Wily's new band of powerful Robot Masters in a given amount of time. If he fails, his body will be destroyed. Defeating enemies will increase Mega Man's speed and power.  Will this be the end of Mega Man?

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