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Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating it's 20th year, and with such a milestone they are also rewarding their most loyal employees.  While most companies give out pins or watches when long-standing employees reach their five, ten, or 15 year mark, Blizzard is a little more, flashy.  

For being with the company two years, you get a stein. For five years, they give you a sword. At ten years, they give you a shield.  At fifteen?  A ring.  But what about those who have been with the company since the beginning?  What about those people who have put in 20 years of service?  They get a helm, a silver thing of beauty worthing of any king on an icy throne. 

Now this got me thinking.  What about Rogue Knight Studios?  We've been around for three years now.  I put the question to you readers. What sort of items should we give out to our employees?  And what would the gifts be for readers who are as loyal as the team members?

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