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So you want to get yourself some bees in MinecraftSeems reasonable enough, but if you're like me you have no idea how to go about it. Fortunately, I've done the research so you don't have to. 

The cutest little buzzers have been added to Minecraft in the most recent patch. First things first, make yourself a pair of shears and a campfire. You'll need the shears in order to harvest honeycomb, and the campfire to keep the wild bees calm. Hunt for already existing wild hives in forests, drop a campfire beneath it and shear away as much honeycomb as you want. You'll need 3 for each crafted hive as well as 6 wooden planks, so just keep that in mind.

Once you have enough honeycomb, create your beehive and place it in your favorite tree. To get bees into your hive, you'll need to lure them with flowers the way you lure farm animals with wheat.  Once you have bees in your hive, place some flowers around it to give the bees something to eat, and wait for it to start dripping honey. To harvest honey, use an empty glass bottle on the hive. Congrats, you're now a beekeeper!



[via PC Gamer]

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