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I admit that while I was pretty interested in Batman: Arkham City it wasn't at the top of my must buy list.  I suppose I have a natural suspicion when it comes to sequels, or maybe it was the overexhuberance of the presenter at E3 that signaled she was trying just a tad too hard to sell the game.  But that suspicion has been put to rest now that I've seen this trailer.  Oh my LANTA I want to play this game.

In my memory Victor Freeze was just the guy played woodenly by the Governator opposite Val Kilmer, but this version is as cool (see what I did there?) as you can get.  I can't wait to get a chance to stand toe to frostbitten toe with him when the game launches October 18th.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer for yourself.  A warning:  You might need to grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate afterward to warm up.




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