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Yesterday Konami invited a select group of press and VIPs to Sony Picture Studios for their Pre-E3 party.  While we mingled I got the chance to play Skullgirls, a fighter designed by Autumn Games with casual players in mind.

I found my experience playing the game completely delightful. The moves were easy enough to figure out, even for a fighting game novice like me.  I was even able to figure out a combo move or two.  The way the devs were explaining it, Skullgirls was specifically designed so that players of all skill levels could sit down and start having fun immediately.  Helping this feeling of immediate immersion were a set of really intuitive controls, and a cartoony hand drawn style that perfectly matches the games over the top character design.

While I only got to play the training matches, I came away with the impression that this is an seriously fun game that I can’t wait to spend more time with.

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