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Do you have a fantasy about spending an evening with that special someone at a romantic restaurant, then coming home and kicking the crap out of each other with vehicles of death and destruction? If so, David Jaffe has you covered.

In a video posted earlier today, the man behind the new Twisted Metal game announced the new release date, which is now set to be Valentine's Day of 2012. Because nothings says "I love you," better than blowing your lover to tiny bits and driving over their remains. The video also provides a teaser of the upcoming trailer that will showcase one of the playable characters, Dollface, and she's looking to be just as insane as everything else in the game.

Catch both after the break, and make sure to order a nice set of flowers. You'll probably need them.



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Because nothing says romance like a Clown with a shotgun.

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That's my dream right there. To have a romantic dinner with someone, then coming home only to virtually snipe eachother or in this case, splatter eachother with 5 ton trucks with guns....

They need more games out on Valentine's Day... then maybe, just maybe will I be more creative about my gifts >.>;;;

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