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Pop quiz. A video game company that excels at ripping off more popular franchises eventually copies the most successful MMORPG ever made, turning it into a mobile title. Later on in that game’s life, it gets hacked, and the user accounts of those silly enough to fall prey to the mimicry compromised.

The question: would this chain of events be considered irony, or due justice?

That’s likely what many people are asking after reports of Gameloft’s World of Warcraft copycat game, Order and Chaos, was hacked recently. An exploit was discovered that would allow pretty much anyone the ability to change other people’s account information through the company’s website, particularly account names and passwords. This glaring hole in the game’s security has resulted in a large number of people getting their accounts hijacked, whilst Gameloft tries to keep down the voices of pissed off players as they work towards a fix.

Let it be known that if you plan to try to copy a MMO game, you damn better be prepared to secure it like one.


[via Droid Gamers]

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